Cities and how people interact with them are my jam.

I’ve been working on, in, and everything in-between in the mapping space. Product designer is the most applicable title though with most things – you do what needs to get done.

It all started with spatial habitat modeling on boa constrictors in the Honduran jungle. Then lived in the Galapagos teaching GIS to scientists & protecting sensitive ecosystems and raft guided in Montana between things to keep the dream alive.

I moved to DC and worked as a product engineer for Esri’s Story Map team building products to enable even more people to tell their own stories with data.

I then fulfilled a life dream of being a staff cartographer at National Geographic and published a bunch of maps in the National Geographic Magazine that won a bunch of cool awards.

From there I pivoted and went to work in SF at Uber – pushing the boundaries of how much maps and spatial data can power our everyday lives.

After contributing to successes that span the entire ridesharing business and industry as a whole, I’m now at Uber ATG building & designing the tools, systems, and frameworks that allow us to build map data for autonomous vehicles. Feels like we’re going to the moon and it’s an incredible ship to be on.