Big Ideas

As things are progressing at work the American Prairie Reserve project is almost to edit stage which will be a new set of exciting. The edit standard here at NG are top-notch as you probably know by the detail they put into each and every one of their products. I’ll also be working with some new people when that comes to start-up which will be nice. It’ll be really exciting when it’s done, printed, and set to go out for the APR. On another side of things I’ve had big ideas for a Young Explorer Grant idea that I pitched to a couple of people who have pull around NG and they were loving it. On top of it they want to take it to the Chesapeake Bay and incorporate the Conservation Fund because the guy who started it has had meeting with our VP of Maps. incorporating Google is another big player that is in the works because NG wants to move their platform over from ESRI. As a pilot project for many other things, the National Parks Service would be interested in our product and it would be great to get things going with them and NG as well. It’s exciting stuff in the initial stages of chatter but it’s exciting to have the thought of creating a collaboration with Google, National Geographic, Conservation Fund, and the Parks Service. My main man Bryant Knoll is in the talks as well because we have ideas on the more adventurous side of this project which would be an even more ambitious pilot project. Lowell my roommate has ideas that would be great to incorporate into an interactive environment and take things into an educational role. Big meetings are set to happen this week so we’ll get to know more as those progress but I can’t help but get excited at this massive opportunity.

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