2013 National Geographic Award in Mapping

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic Traveler

Last Thursday I found out that the “People’s of the Middle East and North Africa…40 Years On” map that I created at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire won honorable

mention in the 2013 National Geographic Award in Mapping. I’m proud to say that the work that I put into this map can be seen through the hype it’s been receiving. I appreciate

Paul Kaldjian pushing me to create original work with the emphasis on modern cartographic methods. This project allowed myself to learn the basic’s of cartography and with that

the software used in the field today. It highly contributed to my future project’s and the bar I set my mapping projects from then on out. My project can be viewed on my blog here

“Peoples of the Middle East” The  National Geographic Awards in Mapping for previous and this current year can be viewed here National Geographic Awards in Mapping

Thanks again UWEC, Robert Roth, Sean O’ Connor, AAG, and any others who not only helped but love maps as much I as I do.

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