Work Hard, Play Hard

After 4 hard interviews and travels to and from D.C. I’ve accepted a once in a lifetime job offer with the global leader in GIS/Cartography. I will be working with Esri’s Story Maps team headed by the legendary Cartographer Allen Carroll. With a brand new office out of Roslyn, VA I am so excited to get started. This team is growing with huge ideas for 2014 and the idea of Story Maps will someday reach anyone who has a place based story to tell. After sadly leaving my position with XNR Productions in Madison, WI I have recently just found a perfect studio apartment in Georgetown, D.C. Within biking distance to work, a block from some friends, and close enough to do everything in between I’m excited to focus on a career and build up Esri’s Story Map product.

With the exciting news of an amazing job, I quickly decided to get my “anstyness”out by booking a last minute trip to kayak some knarly class IV in Ecuador. Booking with Small World Adventures they boast phenomenal experiences, guides, and culture throughout the Napo Region. All day everyday kayaking for a week in pristine steep creeks is medicine to my soul. I will be leaving Sat. 12/14 and returning in time to celebrate Christmas with my family. Super stoked as I sit here in the Reagan Airport that in two days I’ll be awoken by monkey’s and doing yoga in the Amazon Rain forest.

Like my main man Bryant said in Montana 2011, “Work hard, play hard everything is gonna be alright”

Header photo copyright kayak session magazine, small world adventures

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