dream during the day

Bryant’s business out in Montana selling hot dogs has been booming and I’m so jacked for him that he made it happen. I think everyone in their life needs someone to keep their stoke up and not only tell you how things are going but tell you that what they said they were gong to do is happening. With things flourshing it’s time to take his idea one step further. I’ve been pretty handy with Adobe Illustrator so he was looking to get branding go alongside his stand. I put together 8 different iterations for his covered wagon ideas and we brainstormed over which would suit his ideas. We both figured if it was good enough he could put together tees, hats, stickers, etc. and get things moving even further on his dream. Below are some iterations with the finals being towards the bottom. He’s a man of his word, dreams, and the confidence that life isn’t happening to him, it’s responding to what he brings to it. Cheers my friend, next is a website.

bry logo-01 bry logo-03 1-04 2-05 3-06

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