256 days of commuting

This was a perfect year to track my moves data and prove the power of green commuting. I moved to DC in January and decided not to bring a car relying solely on public trans or walking/biking. When I moved, I also downloaded a new app called Moves which tracks your daily activities and gives you a break down of how you get out and about. I’ve pulled out the data which gave me some pretty crazy stats of how I get around the world. Moves, was also bought by Facebook the other day which allowed them some nice new features including better battery algorithms and better gps accuracy. So prior to their merger I would say I missed about 20 days from trying to save battery power. Yet regardless I have 256 days of data.

Within these 256 days I have:

biked over 1391 miles

walked over 696 miles

flew/drove/trained’ it over 29,189 miles

Adding a pretty cool visual element to the data I went ahead and mapped it. Seeing I’ve been a little all over the place within the last few months I can start to see how much of a city I’ve covered and if I’m ever back I can bike different neighborhoods.

Click the image to explore the map!

Blue = motorized transportation

Green = cycling/walking

The trends are apparent right off the bat, I’ve hit almost all of DC with Q being my main route to Dupont and 35th/Key Bridge being my commute to work. The blue lines are motorized transportation that I’ve taken (cars, metro, flights, hoverboards, spaceships, etc) so you can see my route to the climbing gym in Arlington via metro or the darker line headed Northwest was my route out to the Upper Yough/Savage every weekend by rental car. Some blue lines straight across the US are my flights to places like Seattle and Portland in the NW or Redlands and San Diego in Southern California.