Author: bowenjr

  • 256 days of commuting

    This was a perfect year to track my moves data and prove the power of green commuting. I moved to DC in January and decided not to bring a car relying solely on public trans or walking/biking. When I moved, I also downloaded a new app called Moves which tracks your daily activities and gives you…

  • bike trip – Pittsburgh to DC

    After NACIS 2014 I had the amazing chance to finally take some days off to plan and beautifully execute a 5 day 350 mile bike trip from Pittsburgh to DC. The route, following the Great Allegheny out of Pittsburgh to Cumberland and then the C&O which literally comes to my doorstep in Georgetown. It was…

  • dream during the day

    dream during the day

    Bryant’s business out in Montana selling hot dogs has been booming and I’m so jacked for him that he made it happen. I think everyone in their life needs someone to keep their stoke up and not only tell you how things are going but tell you that what they said they were gong to…

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    After 4 hard interviews and travels to and from D.C. I’ve accepted a once in a lifetime job offer with the global leader in GIS/Cartography. I will be working with Esri’s Story Maps team headed by the legendary Cartographer Allen Carroll. With a brand new office out of Roslyn, VA I am so excited to…

  • Globetrotting Project for National Geographic Wraps Up

    Globetrotting Project for National Geographic Wraps Up

    While free-lancing at XNR we are in the final stages of production for a children’s atlas with National Geographic Books. Here’s a sample!