When I’m not at work I can’t really sit still. I ride, I’ll take friends rafting, host dinners, tend to the garden, and take care of my bees.

the shredlands

The headlands are my second home. I seriously love bombing through the Presidio as a warm up then headed to wherever my heart desires that day. Could be Tam or Bolinas Ridge maybe Fairfax. But always with a proper gravel to road ratio and probably not enough food.

downeyville supper club

I’ve named my crib the Downeyville Supper Club. Plenty of sourdough being made, dinners served, bbq-fired, and honey maaakin’. Want a t-shirt? So do I.

merlin 🧙‍♂️

Merlin is my raft. She’s a beaut. I’ve taken her quite a few places and can do everything from day trips on the American River (that’s this photo) to multi-day camping trips.

Interested in a trip? Hit me up and we can work something out.