Product Designers: Jon Bowen
Motion Design: Pedro Orendain

As the 2018 November mid-term elections were coming up fast the Search and Places team decided to spin up an election feature. Very last minute. I worked with Search and Places to determine the type of experience we could feasibility tackle in our very limited timeline. We broke it down into 8 possible methods that we could build and then scoped and prioritized from there.

This was an outstanding project to be on to learn the fast paced iteration and needs of pushing something of that caliber out with very limited timelines and extremely high visibility.

I iterated at each pivot of the product feature so that our comms and policy folks were always up-to-date and pushing the correct mocks to all of the various news outlets. It gained a significant amount of traffic on the social streams.

Fortune — — Quartz — — TechCrunch — — The Verge — — Thrillist — — Time