National Geographic, Washington DC.

Nat Geo Live!
Nat Geo Live!

I’ve been in DC for about a month now and it’s better than I would have ever expected. Within the first 3 weeks I met my awesome roommates, bought a bike, road my second subway, saw both the President and Vice President in real life, and much much more. I still cannot believe I’m here to be honest because it’s a dream come true. I’ve had the chance to become acquainted to work, walking at 8:45 and getting there at 9, half hour lunch then usually leaving around 5:30. Lately I’ve been taking advantage of the gym we have, super coveinant and great to have a routine going to work, working out, dinner, then super tired. There’s also been lots of National Geographic Live! events going on in our auditorium. As employee’s we can volunteer to help out and then see the event for free. I’ve been to an impersonation of John Wesley Powell, Travelers of the Year, Alone on the Ice, and just yesterday Kon Tiki, a Norwegian film up for this years Oscars. It’s a phenomenal movie about a voyage via balsam wood raft undertaken by 6 guys who have never been on water before. This is all to prove that Polynesians in Tahiti are descendants of Peru. True story, epic 5,000 mile journey, and humor to lighten the intensity of such a massive trek.

As far as work goes I’m working on a project for the American Prairie Reserve, located in Northeast Montana. It’s a giant conservation effort privately funded by big name International philanthropists. I was originally given the theme (backside) of this map to complete which is more of a graphic design task with a small inset in it as well. After awhile however, my supervisor handed over the other side over as well and gave me another job on the new Pokono Map that is coming out soon. I’m just so jazzed everyday at work, it flies by, because I’m doing what I love. Just wish it wasn’t temporary, but I’m working on that.

Rachel was just here for my birthday which was really nice to have a part of home here and give her the giant tour of the town I know pretty well. Wish it was more than 3 days but hey, better than nothing. It’s hard to believe I’m 23, don’t feel older except for all the other chaos that comes with growing up. It’s been an eye opening experience.

*Header Photo: Mark Thiessen

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