DC United

I feel like I’ve missed most of my Midwestern Winter for this year because it’s already starting to get nice out. Today it was 60 and beautiful with blue skies. Lowell and I got after it by making a great breakfast and then headed to Meridean Hill Park over by Adams Morgan. It’s a gorgeous park that we’ve never been to before. It has a very Chinese theme to it with open large concrete areas with fountains and statues with multi-level areas of grassy areas for other things to do. The upper of the levels gives you a view over NW DC with a backdrop of the Monument off in the distance. Epic place overall. But we ended up hanging out there slacklining on the new line that I made. We met so many different people it was great and Lowell ended up playing the guitar while I slacked. What could be better? Our day then got even better because we had bought tickets to the DC United game at 7. Headed over on the orange line to the stadium for my first MLS game. It was super neat and honestly an awesome environment compared to the an NFL game. It had a very European feel which made me realize that the NFL depicts what the United States is as a Nation. In every detail from the fans to the players. I could go on but I’ll save it for my first book. Other than that we are planning on having an equally awesome day tomorrow with the temp planing on being very similar as today’s. Enjoy some sweet new beats I found!

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